Friday, August 10, 2012

Restoran Korea Gomonae (Halal Korean Food) @ Ampang Point

My first question when I saw this restaurant is " Why I didn't know bout this place before?", it serves cheap and authentic Korean food, owned by a Korean lady. So it happens that day I was craving for Korean food so we went to Ampang Point and searched for this place. It was easy to find this place (2nd floor) although a bit hidden but after all, it's only Ampang Point, you can't be really lost in a small shopping complex. 

Having a different thought as mine, my partner was on his mission to compare the Kimchi Jigeh between this place and the one in Amcorp Mall.The premise is very small with a few numbers of tables place outside of the shop. Maybe this is the best they can offered, but I didn't bother so much bout the settings and the ambiance because priority goes to the taste and quality of the foods serve.

The view from outside

Kimchi Jigeh (around RM 15++)

Complementary side dishes

BBQ set (around RM15++)

 I was a bit dissapointed cause the Kimchi Jigeh was not like I expected, instead of using meat, they used fish in the soup. I don't really fancy putting fish in the soup. But the BBQ set save the day, cause the marinated chicken was good, and the combinations of the side dishes, rice and a bowl of soup were completely satisfying. (at least for me). Apologize, cause I lost the receipt, and only assumption of price base on my lame memory would do the tricks. 

Rate: Food: 6.5/10

Address:    Gomone Korean Restaurant Lot F32, 2nd Floor, Ampang Point Shopping Centre, Jalan Mamanda 3, Ampang


  1. How do u know its halal? Pls share..

  2. It is halal. There's no pork in any of their meal. But be very careful of their ramyun(instant noodle). If possible, don't ever order it. Sometimes they use ramyun that have pork.
    - Half Korean and a Muslim.

  3. Muslim should take note that Halal does not only mean that the food is pork free.
    It should also include that the meat used in every meal (such as beef and chicken) is from a halal source. Halal source of meat basically means that the animals were slaughtered in Islamic way. Other things include whether there are any liquor used in the cooking? There are so many foreign meals nowadays that used liquor or even lard in their cooking. So Muslims should always be very careful in choosing places to eat. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Korean food. I am tempted to eat Korean food too but am still searching for the Halal ones. If only this restaurant is certified Halal by Jakim, Ill be storming there right at this moment. hahahah