Friday, August 10, 2012

Restoran Korea Gomonae (Halal Korean Food) @ Ampang Point

My first question when I saw this restaurant is " Why I didn't know bout this place before?", it serves cheap and authentic Korean food, owned by a Korean lady. So it happens that day I was craving for Korean food so we went to Ampang Point and searched for this place. It was easy to find this place (2nd floor) although a bit hidden but after all, it's only Ampang Point, you can't be really lost in a small shopping complex. 

Having a different thought as mine, my partner was on his mission to compare the Kimchi Jigeh between this place and the one in Amcorp Mall.The premise is very small with a few numbers of tables place outside of the shop. Maybe this is the best they can offered, but I didn't bother so much bout the settings and the ambiance because priority goes to the taste and quality of the foods serve.

The view from outside

Kimchi Jigeh (around RM 15++)

Complementary side dishes

BBQ set (around RM15++)

 I was a bit dissapointed cause the Kimchi Jigeh was not like I expected, instead of using meat, they used fish in the soup. I don't really fancy putting fish in the soup. But the BBQ set save the day, cause the marinated chicken was good, and the combinations of the side dishes, rice and a bowl of soup were completely satisfying. (at least for me). Apologize, cause I lost the receipt, and only assumption of price base on my lame memory would do the tricks. 

Rate: Food: 6.5/10

Address:    Gomone Korean Restaurant Lot F32, 2nd Floor, Ampang Point Shopping Centre, Jalan Mamanda 3, Ampang